Through The Trapdoor Lyrics

Verse 1
All of this year there’s been a mystery at my new school
And I can’t rest until I’ve found out what’s going on.
A missing parcel, a troll and a dead unicorn
It doesn’t seem to make much sense
But I know we’ll get there in the end.

Cause there’s a secret on the third floor
And we’ve got to go through the Trapdoor
Who knows what monsters we could face?
And this is just my average day.

We’ve got to go
And retrieve the Philosopher’s Stone
And though the teachers don’t believe us,
They just can’t keep us away.

Verse 2
I know that it’s Snape
And I don’t care what Hagrid says
Since no one else believes a word
We’ll have to do it by ourselves.

So we’ll play this chess game
And fight those deadly posion vines
We’ll solve this riddle, walk through fire
And maybe make it out alive.




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