Slytherin Point Of View Lyrics

Once there was a boy who lived
Of course he nearly died
But after 10 years no one really cares
He struts around school like he owns the place
‘Course, so do I
But I’m allowed ‘cause I’m better than him
I am

Who is that kid with the scar on his forehead?
He saved the world
But he should really be dead
He’s good at Quidditch I’ll give him that
But his hair’s messed up
And his cousin’s fat
And he’s, well he’s…

He’s just kind of average
There’s really nothing special
He’s just kind of average
And I’m better than he is

I’ve got lots of friends you know
‘Course they’re Death Eaters
But at least they’re not the Muggle-loving type
And I’m going to be Minister one day
I’ve got connections, see
And when I am I’ll put Potter in Azkaban


He saved the world from You-Know-Who
He’s cool and he’s got money too
If you want to be part of the Potter crew
Just grab some stupid glasses and a lightning bolt tattoo



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