Shout It Out Lyrics

Verse 1
The first week of Hogwarts was the worst of my life.
Seems like we’re all headed for trouble and strife.
While Voldemort’s preparing to rise up again,
The Ministry’s too scared to let the truth in,
Let the truth in.

We’ve got to take down Umbridge
And turn out the Ministry,
Or else be taken over by this unexpected enemy.

Shout it out,
Dumbledore’s Army
Shout it out,
But not too loudly
Let them know we’re not going down without a fight.

Casting spells to your best potential,
Weasley twins will drive them mental,
Time to show them what Hogwarts is all about.

Verse 2
We’ll meet once a week, somewhere we won’t be caught
But Umbridge makes it even harder than we first thought.
Does Fudge really think that what he’s doing is right?
When Voldemort comes back we’ll need to know how to fight.
Know how to fight.

So forget your Quidditch practice,
And forget your Gobstones club.
Cause this is more important,
I just can’t stress that enough.


Is this what they want?
Cause now they’re leaving us so unprepared.
But they’ll be running scared,
From our cries of Expecto Patronum.



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