Phoenix Lyrics

You’ve got the world in your hands now
It’s up to you what you want to go and do with it
We may have won the battle but the war’s not over yet
There’s still a long way to go

You’ve got the heart to do the best thing
That’s why we trusted that you’d always find a way to right it
Through love we’ll stay together we’re weak when we’re apart
But we’ll be alright from here

So let’s go and tell the wold that we’re still alive
There’s till the ones out there who don’t realise
We’ll banish the chaos the fear and the lies
And out of the ashes a phoenix will rise

Now I can see we’ve got a future
There’s no more Horcruxes
And Hallows don’t matter to me
We’ll build the world again
Oh just you wait and see
‘Cause now we can do anything
Harry was brave
He faced his fears
Hermione showed that even Muggle-borns can still be gifted
And Ron was loyal he was strong enough to see
That friendship is everlasting


Where will you choose to go from here
With no more darkness there’s no longer anything to fear
So we can make the world a brighter place to be
And out of the ashes a phoenix will rise

(Chorus x2)


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