More Than Just A Werewolf Lyrics

You’ve turned up again here
Looking for me
Wanting to run from
The girl you love and married
You thought you were brave
This must be some mistake
You can’t leave them now
You can’t run away

Nothing’s ever easy
For someone like you
It’s hard to stay when
You know that you could lose her too
You’re not all that proud
Of the choice you’re making now
You’ve got everything
But that’s too much for you

‘Cause you are more than just a werewolf
And you are more than just a man
‘Cause you are gonna be somebody’s hero
So you have to try the best you can

I know why you’re scared now
Take it from me
It’s complicated conforming to society
You’re just a monster
But think of what you are to her
So much more than you have ever though you could be


But you know it’s true
That this isn’t what your best friend would have wanted
It’s you
Only you
Standing in the way of your happiness
So say it


Hey now, Remus Lupin
I’m telling you
Parents should never leave unless they have to
And trust me
I know the consequence better than most
Just be proud for once that you can be a hero


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