Luna Lovegood Lyrics

Break the mould but don’t let it go
If you’re afraid I’d really never know
You’re not vain or selfish, or arrogant
Luna Lovegood
How do you do it?

You know they say you’re a joke with no friends
But they don’t think perhaps the joke’s on them
And you don’t care what anybody thinks
Luna Lovegood
I love how you are

You’re unafraid of the things everybody says
They call you names and hide your things
But you don’t care about that
And you’re a breath of fresh air in this shallow world
And I wish more people were like you

Some people talk about your weird fashion sense
Your radish earrings and your crazy Spectrespecs
You went with them to the Ministry
Oh Luna Lovegood
You’re as cool as can be

You watch the match with your roaring lion hat
And talk about the Crumple-Horned Snorcack
You commentate about the shape of the clouds
Oh Luna Lovegood
It’s hard to make you frown




Luna Lovegood


One Response to Luna Lovegood Lyrics

  1. I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!

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