Interview With Voldemort Lyrics

Hey Voldemort
How are you doing?
Why don’t you talk to me?
How is all that world domination?
I heard you’re having trouble recently.

The kids these days
Think they’re so clever
They’re always in your way
They stand up for what they believe in
Well that’s just not how children should behave

So are the rumours true?
Is he out there?
Harry is the one who will defeat you
The Daily Prophet’s new
Exclusive interview
With the Dark Lord

The Ministry has been corrupted
They say that Scrimgeour’s dead
They’re rounding up the Muggle-borns
And saying that Magic is Might instead
So what went on at Godric’s Hollow?
It’s such a mystery
If you could please give us a story
A personal autobiography


Read all about it
It’s the story you’ve all been waiting for it
Read all about it
From his perspective
Everything you want to know and more



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