I Must Not Tell Lies Lyrics

It’s not over
He’s not really gone
It’s time to discover
He’s been hiding all along
And though you might tell me
That I’m an attention-seeking fool
Oh why can’t you see
That he’s only fooling you?

And maybe he’s really back
And what if he is?
Are you gonna turn away
And pretend that everything’s OK?

Don’t think that you’re right
Don’t think that you know what it’s like
Facing a man whose name you’re too afraid to speak
This isn’t a lie
He’s back now but you still deny
Everything I have said you’re too afraid to believe

It’s etched on my hand
The scar spells out “I Must Not Tell Lies”
But I really saw him
And I watched Cedric Diggory die
If you think I’m crazy
Then you must be crazier
‘Cause your cowardice is risking
The lives of more than just one boy


A great man once told me
That when the time comes
We have to choose between
What is right and what is easy
Remember Cedric
Remember Cedric
Remember Cedric Diggory


I’ll remember.


One Response to I Must Not Tell Lies Lyrics

  1. Valerie edgcombe says:

    Wonderful song!!!!

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