I Don’t Need Divination Lyrics

I’m so fed up of Divination classes
Can’t anyone else see that it is a waste of time
‘Cause I know for a fact Harry’s not gonna die
It’s not like I’ve got nothing else to do this year
Perhaps I’m not making myself clear
I don’t know why am I getting through to your inner eye?

Cause you’re just making it worse
Living in your own little world
And I know that it must all be superstition
Cause I can’t see a reason for anything you say
And if you’re telling the truth
I can’t bring myself to believe you
I can’t waste all of my time on intuition
I don’t need Divination anyway

(Divination, Diviniation…)

And anyway, I’ve got my own Time Turner
So why should I need to see the future?
I’ll just restart take an hour back into the past
It doesn’t help you prophecies are coming ture
I think it’s all coincidental
‘Cause you can’t prove that what you say is really true


Have you tried Arithmancy?
It’s much more fascinating
And even Hagrid’s classes are at least more entertaining
I don’t care if you can see a death omen in tea leaves
Your prophecy doesn’t impress me


I don’t need Divination, I don’t need Divination…


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