He Doesn’t Love You Lyrics

Verse 1
You underestimate the power of true love
You think you can just change him with Amortentia

But you can’t ’cause love’s a magic you can’t replicate
It doesn’t matter what potion you make;
He’ll never love you.

And you are just waiting for this man to fall in love
And take you away from here
Away from such a cold and lonely life,
But don’t you know that

He doesn’t love you in the way you want him to,
Merope Gaunt, you’ve made such a big mistake.
Cause he doesn’t love you it’s just an artificial heartless imitation of love.
Merope, you can’t tell the difference.

Verse 2
It just goes to show that love is something special.
And eventually, he’ll see what you’ve made him.

You’ll stop this and let him make the choice you know he’ll make
You know the action that you have to take
Because you love him.

And I know your heart has always been in the right place
And it seems like such a shame that after all this
Your love it still unrequited because


Your only chance of getting out of here.
Your only chance of starting a new life
And living that dream.

But it’s not real,
And you’re gonna find out in the end
That it’s all just pretend
That it’s all just pretend.


Merope, you can’t tell the difference.


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