Draco’s Christmas Wish Lyrics

Oh don’t you feel sorry for all the people who’re on the run?
Their Christmassing festivities won’t exactly be all that much fun
But at least you’re home this winter spending time with the family
And you’ve even got more people round than anyone was expecting

Dinner on the table but I’m afraid that this one’s not for you
‘Cause Nagini likes her main course cold and dead with the face still staring up at you
But you don’t have to worry ’cause Narcissa cooked up something great
Just don’t start eating ’til the Dark Lord’s got his plate

Round at Malfoy Manor you’ve got everything that you need
You’re gathered round the fire next to the decorated Christmas tree
But it’s just not the same when you’re up playing charades against the Dark Lord
He’ll Legilimens you anyway

You’ve got tons of Christmas cards but there’s one here that says something new
Dear Draco, Happy Christmas and I promise that today I won’t kill you
When you went to buy the presents d’you remember what you thought that day?
“What d’you buy the Dark Lord as a Christmas present anyway?”


You’ve got Lord Voldemort in your house at Christmas
Not exactly what you wished for
He’s got more presents than you
And now he gets to choose the song on the wizard radio

(Chorus x2)


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