9 3/4s Lyrics

Here on the platform
We meet again
The scarlet steam train’s last stop
Then on to new adventure
I’m looking for an answer
I’m looking for the end
The end to this old story
That shows me what it’s been for

Where do I belong?
Is this really me?
Was this the only way?
Who am I meant to be?
‘Cause I can’t even tell
If this is in my head
Why am I still alive
When I should be dead?

Was it your plan to have me choose this?
An unfortunate sacrifice
But when he came back I saw a glimmer
Of triumph in your eyes
So if not for that resurrection
I would have had to die
Tell me was I your secret weapon?
The eighth Horcrux all this time


Is this what you believed in? (On the platform)
It’s for the greater good (On the platform)
If I’m the one to save them (On the platform)
Then surely I should (On the platform)
I’ve finally found the answer (On the platform)
And this is not the end (On the platform)
I’ve got to go back to them (On the platform)
‘Cause it’s not over yet (On the platform)


This is not the end
I won’t give up yet
‘Cause I’m the one she gave her life and love to protect
When I first came here seven years ago
I disbelieved that I would leave and never be alone

But here I am
This is really me
And it’s the only way
But it’s not meant for me


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