After the final epic instalment of the Harry Potter book series was released in 2007, two twin sisters decided to form their own wizard rock group, and hence RiddleTM was created!

Hello! We are Georgia and Victoria Minnear, hailing from Oxfordshire, England, and we make up one of the most established wrock groups in the UK. After putting a couple of songs up on MySpace and convinced nobody would listen to them, we were surprised when Lauren of the Moaning Myrtles covered our song “Look At Me” in a YouTube video, and we received over 1000 plays on our MySpace page in a single day!

“We were trying to find a decent way of getting across our thoughts and feelings about the book, but couldn’t really think of a way to do it until we sat down at the piano and wrote a song about it” – Georgia

And three albums and a handful of wrock awards later, we continue to be a prominent face of British and European wizard rock.

Georgia is the pianist, guitarist and Harry Potter composer, writing songs that reflect the raw emotions in the books as well as fun and upbeat numbers.
Victoria is the singer and helps to produce the music. She also knits.

During our many adventures, we have managed to pick up Best International Group, courtesy of Wizrocklopedia, as well as a feature in top British newspaper The Times thanks in part to our JK Rowling tribute ‘For Jo’. The song, probably one of our best known, puts into words the way many fans feel about our much-loved Potter author and could even be described as a ‘flagship’ song for the entire Wizard Rock movement.

We have also represented Europe across the Atlantic, performing at large events such as Terminus in 2008 and LeakyCon and Wrockstock in 2009. In addition to smaller UK shows, we also shared the international line-up at UK’s largest wrock event to date, the 2009 Edinburgh Snow Ball. Our sister (and possibly biggest supporter!) Olivia also joined us on stage during a few songs, sporting a matching red outfit and jaunty mini wizard’s hat!

We continue to write songs and perform shows across the UK and America, and all our songs are available to download on iTunes and you can purchase a physical CD in our online store.

We support Slytherin house, although we wear red on stage a lot and appear as very giggly and happy (we’re disguised as Huffelpuff/Gryffindors…). RiddleTM is so called because Tom Marvolo Riddle = TM Riddle -> RiddleTM. It can also be written as Riddle™ or Riddletm or even just Riddle if you’re feeling edgy.


Questions? Contact me at riddletmwrock at gmail dot com.