New Year!

Farewell, 2011. I’ll miss you.

Yo! 2012, man! How’re you doing? Good? Good.

Plans for New Year include making more songs, updating this blog more often (‘orz), and just generally doing more Wizard Rock. I’m at college and the course is all about enterprise so I’ve decided to use my Wizard Rock band as a kind of micro-business (Ok, I just wanted an excuse to play Wizard Rock all day like I needed one).

Things I have already done include making a big list of Lyrics which you can find in the menu bar! This has a song of EVERY SINGLE RiddleTM song, so if you ever need lyrics for our songs or anything, it’s all right there. Easy as pie.

😀 Enjoy!


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2 Responses to New Year!

  1. That list of lyrics is a really good idea! It might be usefull for me and my website! 🙂
    And it is good to hear that you will be doing more Wizard Rock!

  2. NinjaHugsFTW says:

    Yay! I am so glad to hear that you are still writing wrock because your music is AMAZING!

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